The Growling of the Milky Way (Powarkiwania Drogi Mlecznej)

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7th July at 5 pm on the Big Stage, the play The Growing of the Milky Way (Powarkiwania Drogi Mlecznej) directed by Adam Orzechowski will be staged with English subtitles. This is a fantastic opportunity for foreigners and all theater lovers who would like to enjoy these outstanding performances without language barriers.

The Growling of The Milky Way is a kind of political fiction, a socio-political metacabaret, whose main characters derive from the front pages of newspapers. Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Heidi Klum exist here on the same ontological principles – as products of Bonn Park’s creative imagination. On the one hand, it is a scathing satire on the global status quo, in both social and political terms, and on the other, a poignant diagnosis of the impotence behind the greatest tragedies of the contemporary world.

Author: Bonn Park
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes